Established in 1978. Right On Programs Inc. is an innovative educational company based on whole brain training. We are a family run business that puts the client first. Right On Programs celebrates 38 years of California State approved DUI services in both Glendale and Burbank. The program content is based on John Marshall's innovative left/right "brain balancing" model to help any clients develop methods to alter their minds naturally. Many DUI offenders are social drinkers and are not alcohol dependent. We are here to help you realize the freedom you have through the choices you make. Let us assist you in learning how to turn self-destructive behavior into self-empowering behavior.

Program activities include Tai Chi exercises for reducing stress and enhancing energy. As well as facilitating breathing techniques and non-competitive games that create lots of laughter and release endorphins.

Call us today and allow us to assist and guide you in meeting your DMV and court requirements.



When John was arrested for a DUI in the early 70s, he was determined to quit drinking. John's personal search for the reasons behind his excessive drinking lead to many intellectual answers in various philosophical and spiritual disciplines; but it was the practice of Tai Chi that empowered his experience of alcohol/drug free living.

John's "Ah Ha!" moment came with the understanding and application of left/right brain science to balanced living.

After graduating from NW Univ. John served as an officer in the U.S.M.C. His television career began in Palm Beach, FL, as a local personality including a daytime strip show called, Marshall's Merry Go Round. Moving to Los Angeles, John began producing children's shows and hosting his own programs on KTLA & KCOP.  

His "guy next door" appeal launched a hugely successful career as an actor and spokesman in hundreds of commercials and the formation of his own production company. John created a game show with Burt Reynolds "Win, Lose or Draw!" with credit as Exec. Consultant.

After breaking his addiction to alcohol, his passion for human potential led to the formation of Right On Programs Inc. licensed by the state of California to provide educational programs for DUI offenders. John has taught his innovative approach to brain training and balanced living to corporate executives, teachers, law-enforcement, US government agencies, at-risk adolescents, parents & thousands of DUI offenders.